Dragon Gate To Transform Aroma Nebulizing Diffuser

Aroma Nebulizing Diffuser utilizes Bernoulli’s principle by atomizing essential oils into micro particles.  The particles are then quickly diffused into the air without heat, maintaining the pure and natural aroma of the essential oils. Automatic shutdown every two hours, effectively saving oil consumption; built-in LED lights will not turn off during automatic shut down, can also be used as a night lamp.

Dragon Gate To Transform Aroma Nebulizing Diffuser
The artwork presents a carp leaping over the dragon gate, which means the moment to have passed a competitive examination; also means continuously putting in all the efforts to finally stand out from the crowd. Utilizing the hydraulic power, the carps help each other to jump over the dragon gate, which symbolizing the wisdom and assistance, guardians gathering, and career booming. The carp of Dragon Gate To Transform is using special hand-made liliu glass. The light and color of each piece is unique, and nature itself of the highest quality. The waves totem on the diffuser base are retrieved the elements from international artists Master Lee Sun Don’s painting "Awakening . Dragon Gate To Transform 3”. It is an unique home decoration art luxury good, also a honor collection piece for you to collect!

12×12×16.5cm (WxDxH)
【Contains】glass nebulizer, liuli carp, wooden base, ac adapter, dropper, manual

Material liuli, wood                         

Rated voltage (V) 100-240V

Rated frequency (Hz) 50/60Hz       

Rated Input Current 0.2A
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