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The founding mission of GP DEVA has always been to create botanical energy skincare products to promote health and wellness of the mind, body and spirit. Unlocking the ancient wisdom of natural plant extracts to heal and rejuvenate the body is the secret in developing the best natural skincare products. GP DEVA ethically sources high quality ingredients from around the world in order for our customers to feel inspired, joyful and thriving on the most positive energy level of life.

GP DEVA designs are inspired by Zen Master and artist Lee Sun-Don and his renowned Totemic Energy Art. Each product line, L’Aspiration, L’Infinite, Holy Water, etc, has it’s own energy totem that is specially designed by Lee Sun-Don to represent it’s healing energy. Not only will these products promote wellness, but can be used as artistic vessels to adorn your space with beauty and art.

GP DEVA Skincare Concept

GP DEVA’s energy infused formulations are they key factor in the effectiveness of the product. Each plant extract is meticulously selected of the highest grade and all our products are free from artificial fragrances, so that each and every aroma of the essential oils bring you back to the fundamental embrace of nature. Combining state of the art liquid extraction and ancient distilling knowledge are used to procure precious essential oils. These essences are then perfected blended through exact order and proportion, so these proprietary formulas can achieve maximum efficacy in stimulating the body’s natural defenses and vitality. The result is deeply nourished, healthy and radiant skin.

With increasing changes in global climates and environmental degradation, people are being exposed to more pollutants and toxins through food and air. Our bodies, including our skin become more fragile having to defend against more and more pollutants. It is important to use natural and safe skincare products to protect the health of our bodies.

There is increasing awareness of protecting our face and skin from unfriendly environmental factors such as UVA/B rays and air pollution, however we often overlook the importance of body care when thinking about skincare. The neck, chest, back, arms, legs and feet are often directly facing the powerful rays of the sun and are easily missed when thinking about skincare.

The radiance and glow of our face is directly related to our overall body condition. Problematic skin such as blemishes, dryness, rough and loose skin, age spots, lack of luster, are all signs of aging and perhaps other health conditions in the body. When the issue is arising from the body, it is much harder to repair than the small area of the face. In the last decade, Europe and the US have begun to focus on the maintenance and health of the body in relation to skincare. This important concept is the foundation of GP DEVA’s research and development of essential oil skincare products.

GP DEVA Product Selections

GP DEVA offers different series to address all skin types, skin conditions and age groups. Since each person is uniquely different, we offer comprehensive options to best address your skincare needs. Visit us at any of our worldwide locations and our professional consultants can provide the best recommendations for your skin.

GP DEVA Recommendation

For the utmost comprehensive body care, Saint-Lotus Ethereal oil is the best choice. This blend of rare essential oils of pink lotus, sandalwood, St. John’s wort, and more helps to relieve stress of the entire body, mind and spirit, and to stimulate and regenerate the energy of the body inside out. A perfect accompaniment to the oil is the Pink and White Lotus Revitalizing Creams that can be used as a massage cream to moisturize and release toxins in the body.

GP DEVA has always emphasized the use of essential oils to maintain healthy and vibrant skin. In recent years, there has been more awareness on the health benefits of essential oils and the beauty industry has moved towards a more natural approach and termed this trend as “beauty oil”.

A bottle of high quality “beauty oil” comprises of a mixture of natural volatile compounds that is the key factor in providing nutrition and moisture to the skin. These essential oils absorb instantly to establish a strong defensive system to protect the skin, brings back lustrous skin tone and maintain deep and lasting healthy skin. To achieve the maximum health effects of essential oils, we recommend using GP DEVA’s exclusive massage techniques when applying to help deeply absorb into the body.

Essential oils are suitable for all skin types and ages, including normal, problematic, sensitive, oily, etc. Each series was developed to address general conditions, however, most products can be be used interchangeably depending on individual needs.

Truffle Fantasy Ultimate Age Defying: For those who are looking for the best anti-aging product. Deeply penetrates to smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Saint-Lotus Ethereal Oil: Comprehensive body treatment oil to improve overall wellness in the body, mind and spirit. Extraordinary relaxation effects, making the skin radiant and full of youth.

L’Infinite Skin Rejuvenation Treatment Oil: The perfect oil to use for face and body, for all skin types to revitalize skin resilience.

How Charming: Fresh, light and extra moisturizing to maintain youthful and supple skin.

Massage Technique

Lotus Romance Ethereal Oil is formulated with pink lotus oil and heartwood sandalwood to use on the face and can be applied with GP DEVA’s zen massage technique. Instantly feel the skin tighten and slow the signs of aging.

This technique may be used with other GP DEVA products such as L’Infinite or Truffle Oil to help product absorb quickly and increase the effects of younger looking skin.

After a long and tiring day, Lotus Romance Body Firming Lotion is the perfect way to decompress and calm the body with the embrace of elegant essential oils on the body. Using this sculpting lotion everyday will help unify the body and mind and balance all the systems within the body. At the same time, sculpt your body to perfection as if you had a spa treatment everyday.

.Leg massage techniques:

Relieving pressure and discomfort in legs, while shaping beautiful curves

Step1:Apply firming lotion evenly. Massage downward circular motions using fists from upper thigh. Repeat 8 times.

Step2:Massage on both sides of the knee with open palms, in circular motion. Repeat 8 times.

Step3:Apply pressure using thumb & index finger along the shin bone, from knee to ankle. Repeat 8 times.

Step4: Massage upward in circular motion using fists from heel along the calf muscles. Repeat 8 times.

.Abdominal massage techniques:

Sensual waist line using natural techniques

Step1:Massage downwards towards below the stomach. Repeat 8 times.

Step2:Massage down from the side below ribs to stomach. Repeat 8 times.

Step3:Massage in circular motion using fists on sides of stomach. Repeat 8 times.


Every company has different recommendations and steps when it comes to skincare regime. GP DEVA has developed a step-by-step regimine that will ensure the best effeicy and absorption in the skin. Regardless of what GP DEVA products that is right for you, here is the general application of products. (Generally, we recommend going from lightest floral waters to most concentrated oils at the end)

Cleansing --> Hydrating Floral Water --> Essence/Serum --> Lotion --> Cream -> Essential Oil

For deep facial massage, you can apply oil after floral water, then apply lotion.

For more specific questions regarding skincare products, please refer to the product information page, contact GP DEVA customer service or visit any of our locations to have a personalized consultation.

If you do not see your question listed, please contact us. Thank you!

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