Brand story

GP DEVA is more than just a luxury goods company with designs inspired by contemporary art, rather is a movement that is dedicated to bringing creative beauty and love into every aspect of life, which we call The Art of Living. Driven by compassion, GP DEVA’s mission is to enhance the body & mind to state of love and joy.

With the founding of GP DEVA, the company invited artist Lee Sun-Don as the art director using his renowned artistic concept, “Totemic Energy Art,” as the creative inspiration to create and design fine jewelry, luxury goods, health conscience skincare products, and artistic space development. GP DEVA believes that infusing a cultural spirit into all its products, creates value which is the real spirit of cultural creativity.

President of GP DEVA Carol Chou said: "A painting could be worth a lot of money and most people may not be able to afford buying the paintings. However when it becomes a commodity, something that will be used in everyday life, this gives everyone the ability to own a piece of artwork."

Each product deeply embodies the rich heritage of not only Chinese culture, but the diverse cultures of all mankind to integrate with contemporary art and the latest fashion trends. GP DEVA actively provides a platform for international artists to shine, while fostering Taiwan’s emerging artists and promoting Taiwan’s rich cultural & creative industries. Projects such as the joint collaboration of art and supercar, is one of many examples of this flourishing industry.

GP DEVA ‧ Frontier Art embodies Creativity, Art, & Spirituality

As a major fashion brand in Asia, GP DEVA Frontier Art was the first in combining fashion and art. In 2004, GP DEVA opened its flagship store in America's most upscale Beverly Hills retail area of Rodeo Drive, becoming the only brand from Asia to set up a store in this district. In 2007, X-Power Gallery in the US became the physical manifested space for GP DEVA’s art division with a focus not just on contemporary art, but to further transcend the art world into a higher sense of creativity, art, and spirituality.

Frontier Art offers an energy enhanced space of universal art, integrating all forms of artistic expression and luxury life style living to transcend to a higher state of consciousness and quality of life. As of 2017, GP DEVA currently operates 6 global flagship stores in major international cities across Asia and US including Beverly Hills, Shanghai, Qingdao, Taipei, Taichung, and Kaohsiung.

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