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Unlock Nature’s Botanical Energy – GP DEVA

Providing pure and beautifying energy through natural plant essences

GP DEVA's natural botanical skincare line contains fine essential oils extracted from the highest quality and ethically sourced plants and botanicals from around the world. Using liquid extraction, cold-pressed methods and other distillation processes to distill the quintessence of the botanicals, which is then blended using GP DEVA’s proprietary formulations. Completely free from artificial fragrance, the natural aroma is like a deep embrace of nature to heal the body, mind and spirit by alleviating pressure and to balance and restore the body.

Comprehensive Aesthetics ~ The Art of Beautiful Skin

GP DEVA’s skincare line awakens the inner spirit through more than just a holistic lifestyle concept, rather a “whole-istic” approach to health and wellness. By activating all the senses including visual, aromatic, touch, taste, and sound to help release tension and stress to harmonize the body, mind, and spirit.

Dedicated to the spirit of incorporating art into everyday life, every vessel that contains precious essential oils are designed to be more than just bottles, rather exquisite décor to adorn the home. All packaging designs are inspired and integrated with works of art by renowned artists like Lee Sun-Don or contemporary rising star artists MaSingLing so that every aspect of life is an artistic feast of the senses.

About SkincareGPDEVA Skincare concept
Highest Industry Standards~Quality Control Assurance

All products are tested and pass rigorous international health safety certificationsMeticulously produced, finest quality ingredients and pollutant-free

GP DEVA believes that only the highest quality natural ingredients that heal the body can stand the test of time, and worthy to be considered classic. GP DEVA values product quality, adhering to strict environment and personnel management, in order to create the best products for the body. Absolutely no artificial fragrances are added and have passed numerous domestic and international safety tests. With more than 100 products tested and approved in Japan and Taiwan, GP DEVA is proud to offer products that do not contain harmful contaminants and chemicals such as mercury, lead, heavy metals, methanol and isopropanol. Offering the highest quality natural products is GP DEVA’s core mission to its customers.

The brand concept of “whole-istic”embodies every detail from the beginning of sourcing the best ingredients, blending of raw materials with love, perfect presentation of the products, strict delivery standards to maintain purity, to finally the application of healing essential oils on the body.

About SkincareGPDEVA Skincare concept

Perfect Formulation, sealing the plant's rare & precious essence

As leaders in the essential oil industry, GP DEVA is known throughout the world in Japan, US and other countries for its proprietary botanical essence skincare products. Cutting-edge liquid extraction technology is used to extract and preserve the precious essence of the plant. Blended in perfect proportions, the unrivalled formulas achieve maximum effectiveness in stimulating the body’s natural defenses for optimal wellness and healing.

—— Gold Series Collection ——

In order to be considered Gold series level, the production process is complex and meticulous. First, the healing aromatic properties of botanical essences must be unlocked and extracted. Then each product must be formulated using optimal proportions and blended using exact composition sequences to achieve the perfect proprietary formulation that GP DEVA is renowned for. Each bottle created is a sacred achievement and is felt instantaneously by body, mind, and spirit of the user.

—— Diamond Class Collection ——

Based on the composition and process of the Gold series, the Diamond Class Collection transcends to a deeper level of miraculous healing. Adding the world’s most rare and precious essential oils, the entire formula is transformed down to the molecular level. As each ingredient fuses together, the aroma and healing properties are magnified creating essential oil elixirs that harmonize the body, mind, and spirit.

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